Before your team makes key decisions,
you want to know they are right!

In today’s competitive global marketplace, companies are still spending over 60% of their development resources on design rework in order to correct critical decisions made earlier without the right knowledge.  TCC’s innovative methods and patented tools improve collaboration and accelerate learning early in the innovation process, and have proven to boost productivity up to 4X.  Our clients deliver better products to market faster with less risk, bringing more value to them and their customers.

To move from this …


… to this …


… we must identify the knowledge gaps preventing us from making the right trade-offs, …


… and to expose and close those gaps, we need these collaborative tools designed for the fuzzy front end:


Success Assured™ software captures the rationale for the decisions your team is making in a visual way so that your experts from different areas can quickly understand it, build on it, challenge it, and innovate on it.

In that way, Success Assured™ software enables those experts to:

  • identify what more needs to be learned to know the best decisions to make
  • innovate ways to most rapidly learn that
  • eliminate “weak” options for which success cannot be certain soon enough
  • focus on the learning that will maximize progress
  • reuse that learning when making future decisions

Better yet, Success Assured™ software does all those things with minimal added burden on your team… in most cases, it actually significantly reduces burden!

How could that be?  Most teams are using tools not well-optimized for what they need to do in those front-end phases when a lot of things are still fuzzy:

  • How much time do you spend preparing new PowerPoint slide sets to present information already in other documents?
  • How much time do you spend in meetings discussing how the content in the slides needs to change, but while writing on whiteboards, or paper, or not writing at all?
  • How much time do you spend after meetings updating content in various forms, in various places, based on notes or camera phone pictures or your own fuzzy memory?
  • How much time do you spend updating planning boards, MS Project files, or other planning tools with the decisions made in meetings or side discussions?
  • How much time gets wasted by people discussing slides, documents, or planning boards that didn’t get updated properly from prior discussions?
  • How much time gets wasted re-explaining the same thing to different people over and over, rather than capturing the explanation the first time and reusing it (and improving it) with each additional person you have discussions with?
  • How much time gets wasted because the right question did not get asked at the right time?
  • How much time gets wasted looking for information via keyword searches?

Success Assured™ software allows your team to:

  • work problems, designs, projects, and other decision-making scenarios around a collection of visual models that together tell the story that anyone joining the collaborative effort will need to know… we call that a Knowledge Brief (K-Brief) 
  • rapidly evolve those visual models even easier than a whiteboard, such that they can keep up with the discussions and other learning activities… they are designed as learning tools… brainstorming tools
  • easily tailor how the K-Brief is displaying those visual models to fit the situation (large meeting with one large screen, web conference with many tiny screens, printed document on floor with manufacturing experts, on two-screen workstation in development office, etc.), such that you don’t have to maintain the same content in multiple PowerPoint, Word, Wiki, etc., documents, each tailored for different situations and different audiences
  • capture the key knowledge that drives your decision-making into flexible tools for rapidly exploring that decision space; tools that can be easily reused to accelerate all future decision-making; but can also be challenged and evolved to optimally fit those future scenarios (continuous improvement)
  • and that reusable knowledge doesn’t have to be searched for… it is directly connected to the decisions you need to make by the software, such that you can’t forget key limits or issues that have been learned in past efforts

We are happy to demo what our tools and practices can enable your team to do, using our own examples or even using your examples... contact us today. Or if you’d like to see a bit more of the software before scheduling a full demo, check out the second and third videos at (less than 3 minutes each).

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